Bulk reprints for the pharmaceutical industry


乐动体育西班牙人Dove Medical Press is committed to providing highly relevant scientific articles to support your promotional activities.

Promotional Article Monitoring (PAM)

Not only will we monitor our journals for relevant articles but we will also scan other publishers' journals and international medical literature databases to provide a comprehensive service. Dove Medical Press has developed a specific piece of integration software, which allows us to rapidly identify clinical papers on specific drugs and indications. We can now offer this service to you.

So, please take a moment to register乐动体育西班牙人 your specific details and specific drugs of interest. We will match the information you provide to articles from our extensive database and email .PDF copies to you promptly.


Reprint prices and production

乐动体育西班牙人Dove Medical Press can arrange printing, translation and delivery of your reprint requirements.

乐动体育西班牙人For further information, or if you would like a reprint price for a specific article(s) please contact:

Europe and non-USA:
Jan Goodwin
Phone: +44 1625 509130
Email: jan @ dovepress.co.uk

USA Information:
Phone: +1 609 514 5156
Email: reprints @ buttonshowdown.com

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